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Saving my favorite friends 5 Points I saved 5 friends when they fell to pieces. Medal Stats.
SECRET MEDAL 25 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.
My Computer 10 Points Hint: It's on the desktop Medal Stats.
Chromy 10 Points Thank you for downloading Chromy, a free and stupid internet browser. Medal Stats.
Explosion! 10 Points Hint: Bomb.exe Medal Stats.
My Docs 10 Points Hint: It's on the desktop Medal Stats.
It was too cold 25 Points Finish the game Medal Stats.
Ice Ace 25 Points Be the best taking all diamonds Medal Stats.
WHO MADE THIS!?!?!? 5 Points Look at the credits. Medal Stats.
Nom Nom NOM!!! 5 Points Look at Denisowator's cannibal Bemin painting. Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 18,327 (From 2,204 different games.)

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Stream: (not live)

6/12/13 - Yay, back with ANOTHER new journal/diary news post! Anyways, I've been testing out the whole streaming thing and I should be streaming some medal earning tomorrow (really later today my time, but as it's 1:30 AM and I won't be sleeping for a while... =p), internet permitting. *EDIT* - Some things extended to unexpected times, stream will be delayed for another 1 or an hour and a half. *EDIT2* - No longer streaming, wasn't too interesting though, so don't worry if you missed it =p. Next one, though!

6/18/13 - Welp, I finally (for the most part) fixed the mic issues. The quality's not fantastic, but it's better than nothing. Now I just need to ignore my execration for my voice and muster up the courage to do a live stream with it =p.

6/20/13 - I will most definitely be streaming sometime later today - fun fun fun! Not sure how long it will be/how many medals I'll get... or what games I'll play. *EDIT* - Stream is now over. Just an FYI, I'm an idiot and the game sound is rather low, so... sorry :(.

6/28/13 - Coming back strong to medal earning next week (hopefully..)

7/2/13 - Stream is now over.

7/20/13 - An update not about streaming! I've been getting rather lackluster gains these past two weeks due to an overload of new games I need to play (=P). Perhaps I will gain more this week, but I won't be holding myself to anything ^.^

8/31/13 - Fuck Bubble Sky.

9/7/13 - Woo, finally got a new mic - not sure when my next stream will be. *EDIT2* No longer streaming.

9/8/13 - *EDIT* - no longer streaming

9/9/13 - Next stream will be 9/12/13 (September 12 [Thursday]) at 9:45 PM (21:45) GMT

9/12/13 - *EDIT* - No longer streaming

9/15/13 - I've earned a lot of medals today o.o

9/21/13 - Next stream will be September 22, 2013 at 16:30 GMT.

9/22/13 - *EDIT* No longer streaming

9/28/13 - Next stream will be September 29, 2013 at 17:00 GMT. 9/29/13 - *EDIT* - No longer streaming

11/6/13 - Next stream will be November 9th (Saturday) at 17:00 GMT. 11/9/13 - *EDIT* - No longer streaming

11/12/13 - Next stream will be November 14th (Thursday) at 22:45 GMT 11/14/13 - *EDIT* - No longer streaming

11/27/13 - Next stream will likely be on Friday, November 29th sometime after Syrreal's stream ends. If not then, then one on Sunday. I haven't been able to stream this past week, and I definitely won't be able to stream tomorrow (Thanksgiving) or Saturday. I'm not sure what I'll stream because I hope to hit 400k points today, and the rest of the week would just be me grinding through EBF4 and Road of the Dead 2 and any other game with resending medals. *EDIT* - Going to sleep 100 points away. The medal I'm planning on getting is taking a lot longer than I expected. It'll probably take around 2 hours of grinding, so that'll be fun..

11/28/13 - Hour and 45 minutes in, halfway between where I started today and where I need to be to get the medal =/ *EDIT* - The game has glitched.. so now I'm making quicker progress towards the medal AND I don't even have to do anything.. I'm okay with this :) *EDIT2* - Holy shit, how long is this going to take? *EDIT3* - Soo, I should have reached rank 50 a long time ago. When the game glitched, so did rank unlocks. I was now rank 51 (glitch) and upon reloading the page was rank 49. Getting xp once more upon reload fixed this. What a mess, oh well, happy 400k :) Oh, should also mention: Stream tomorrow at some undetermined time (but likely at 18:00 GMT). I'll be playing whatever games I can find that will allow me to make some progress towards medals to unlock post-list-update. Also, my progress towards other medals will be done while signed out to be safe, so if you send me a PM don't expect me to read it/respond to it before the list gets updated.

12/1/13 - I am getting real sick and tired of your bullshit, ROTD2.

12/7/13 - Next stream will be Sunday, December 8 at 18:00 GMT. The stream will be one of three things: (1) - a stream (2) - A stream where I go through my medal list and the first game I come across with missing medals I play, unless the medals require grinding/I don't know how to get them) (3) a stream consisting entirely of games I picked. Also, I have no clue how to remove images with this new editor.. so enjoy? *EDIT* - 30.64 mi in #Run3rd.. :(

12/8/13 - *EDIT* - No longer streaming.

12/13/13 - Next stream will be Saturday, December 14th at 19:00 GMT


12/23/13 - Well, I'm not entirely sure when my next stream will be. The earliest date I could probably do would be the 25th, but I doubt anyone would show up, so it'd most likely be the 26th or 27th or 29th at the latest. Also, being busy has prevented me from earning some good gains for these past few weeks. I hope to change that this week, but I have so many new games to play (darn you steam x_x) that I'm not sure how much time I can/want to dedicate to earning new medals :L. 

12/25/13 - Merry Christmas. Also, next stream will be Thursday, December 26th at 18:30 GMT.

12/26/13 - *Edit* - No longer streaming.

12/27/13 - Next stream will be Friday, December 27th at 20:00 GMT.

                *EDIT* - No longer streaming.

12/29/30 - Next stream will be Monday, December 30th at 21:00 GMT.

12/30/13 - *EDIT* - No longer streaming.

12/31/13 - Last update of the year. Will post a pretty damn long recap of the year sometime soon.

1/19/14 - Well, time to stop being so lazy, here we are with my 2013 reveiw update/post/whatever. A word of warning" There's gonna be a LOT of rambling and side-tangents in this post, so don't expect any coherent splatter of words. Also, sorry for taking so long to make this (I procrastinated way too much on this :X). Anyway, without further ado here I go. It's kinda odd to make a post reviewing 2013 because I basically don't remember any of this year. I seriously think I had a better recollection when I was making my 200k points post than I do for this one. So I'm kinda relying on my sparse journal updates to make this, soo yeah, quite a bit is probably gonna be missing. I didn't earn any medals until March (well technically I did, but not a whole lot) so that's the first two months down (only 10 left!). Alright, so march comes along and I decide to earn some medals. I can't say exactly why I decided to do this, I guess I just missed the challenge and sense of accomplishment. However, I decided to do something different this time around. When I wasn't having fun with a game, instead of suffering through it I decided to quit the game and move on to another one. Not only did this allow me to earn more points in those first few weeks (I was actually earning medals instead of trying and trying and trying again and again to play through these games [think bubble sky]), but it also led to me having far more fun playing through these games. However, this also meant that I would be leaving myself with all these crap games. This is when I knew/thought I would never be able to compete for #1 again. There were far too many shitty games that I would have to play through on my journey there that it never seemed worth it. But I'll touch more on this later. So as the weeks pile on I have a fairly steady rate, some weeks I don't earn a whole lot and some weeks I have insane gains, but I'm having fun all the while. Nothing really interesting happens until June where I decide to stream (after Syrreal started doing it) for the first time in a long while. Yes, I did indeed stream quite a while ago (when ustream was better than justintv/twitch) however it wasn't for very long and there was no commentary and the stream(s?) has/have been deleted. So when I started streaming I was insanely nervous and well, I still am, but I like to think I got better =p. However, I think the medal streams are a wonderful thing and has definitely given the medal hunting crew a larger sense of community that it seemed to have lost some years ago when a lot of the top guys gave up on medals and new games were coming out left and right. Anyway, July comes along and Nijsse's giveaway contest begins. It was a pretty insane 48 hours where a majority of my waking hours were either me playing the game or taking a break while watching Syrreal play. The contest was a whole lot of fun and I definitely wouldn't be adverse to partaking in another one :). I ended up winning with a 56 room run which shocked even me, but I suppose that's where the luck element came in. Looking back on it, I kind of wish it would have been a tie so I could have continued the fun with another game ;). So the next half of the year doesn't have any standout moments in it, just me crossing 400k points. Which reminds me, depending on my gains the next few weeks I may be able to gain a whopping 200k points in just a single year. Hell, while unlikely, I could have half of my points coming from just March 2013-March2014. The year or so off of medal hunting really affected me in a way I could have never imagined. I have no clue how many hours of this past year was spent medal hunting, but all I know is that every hour has been enjoyable for the past year (that includes bubble sky and those terrible, terribly funny games). It's strange, despite my hatred of Bubble Sky I still don't feel like I could be having more fun with another activity at the time I'm playing.

Anyway, now that 2013 is all wrapped up, it's time to discuss the future of my medal hunting. The big question is whether or not I think I can reach Nijsse before he reaches 500k points. Fun fact, excluding skiller12 for 100k points, Nijsse and I have been the first two to reach each 100k points milestone. Right now it's 3 against 1 for who reached it first, so maybe I can turn that tide? But that's the problem. Right now I'm about 35k points off from Nijsse, and while that number has been drastically reduced there are still some problems. First off, some medals he has are impossible for me to earn due to the game being deleted/the medals not working for me for some reason. But I imagine most of those problems will be gone when/if I catch up to him. So the second problem is that there are too many terrible games standing between me and him. Along with insane amounts of grinding for these games, there are some that I just cannot stand playing (example: boring as hell Tower defenses and RTS's). Sure there are some fun games along the way that I'll be more than glad to play, but I know for a fact that I will have to sit through boredom in order to catch up to Nijsse. So I have to ask whether or not the satisfaction I will get from catching up to him is worth the annoyingness of these games. And that's simply something that I will never know until I do it. I really enjoyed having to play all day Saturday in order to come out on top for that week, but how much was that enjoyment worth? And is it worth it to go insane on my gains to battle Nijsse up until he reaches 500k points and then just wait for Syrreal to match my points count? (assuming he hasn't already passed me in this hypothetical future :P). Once again, without actually doing this I will never know the answer. So in short, I have no clue what I'm gonna do. I suppose I'll just go with whatever I feel like at the moment and if I end up passing Nijsse I do, and if I don't, I don't. There's no real way for me to choose which path I feel like going down without feeling like I've locked myself in and creating a repeat of what happened in 2012. So I think that's it for this post. It's not quite half the length of the 200k points post like I was hoping, but oh well :). It has more than doubled the length of this post, so there's that? =p. Thank you for reading this, and I hope that 2014 will be an enjoyable year for medal hunting =).

1/24/14 - Next stream will either be Saturday or Sunday sometime after Syrreal's stream. I don't really want to stream at the same time as him, so I can't really be more specific than that :P. Also, since bobogoobo's program still doesn't work for me, I'll be pulling a Syrreal and creating my own list. Can't wait to see how long that'll take..

1/26/14 - Next stream will be today at 19:15 GMT.

             *EDIT* - No longer streaming

1/27/14 - Next stream will be Tuesday, January 28th at 21:45GMT.

1/28/14 -  *EDIT* - No longer streaming

1/31/14 - Crazy Digger 2 level 25 is so fucking bullshit. I'm tired of every fucking game having bullshit luck segments.

2/2/14 - Spent a solid hour trying Crazy Digger 2 with Syrreal's strategy and I still can't fucking do it. Looks like I have found the next Bubble Sky. Though, this game has managed to make me angrier and more frustrated than any other game I have ever played. *EDIT* - I get all 54 gems and guess what? I die before the level finished screen can come up. Haven't been able to repeat that run yet, probably never will.*EDIT* - FUCKING FINALLY. Please no Crazy Digger 3...

2/4/14 - Really enjoying Crystal Story II, nice to have a really good medal game again.

2/7/14 - Yay newgrounds is finally working *EDIT* - Yay, more bullshit luck games (Sigma12)

2/8/14 - Played through the majority of Light Particles puzzle mode only to find that one of the levels is impossible to beat because of the stupid logo blocking a necessary to click piece.

2/10/14 - Finished up UFO Tree Cutters. Grand total is 52 save files in my recycle bin. 45 stars are necessary, got only 2 stars on level 15 and only 1 on level 7 (you can only get 1 or 3 stars on this level as there are two trees and 50% = 1 star and 100% = 3 stars). Next up for this week is Super Ninja Skydiving, fun. Also I've decided to switch to backloggery as well.

2/11/14 - I've decided to stream every weekday next week. No schedule yet, though.

2/12/14 - That Number Avalanche is just.. ugh. I can't tell if it's bad design or bad programming. 

2/13/14 - Yay, another cookie clicker game. Sorry, pretty graphics don't disguise that.

2/14/14 - Another mineral rush game.... Are you fucking joking? *EDIT* - I just saved the game and something weird happened where all of my stats went to NaN. This unlocked some of the medals and opened up all the areas. I went to Paulus, died, and everything went back to normal. When I saved again everything went to back to as it was before I played (I guess it deleted my save?) Wtf..

            *EDIT2* I've pretty much all but decided that the streams will start at 18:00 GMT Monday-Friday. The streams will last for however long I feel like on those days :3..

2/15/14 - I got my rare chance all the way up to 62% before I caught my first rare in Crystal Story II, this is gonna be fun..

             *EDIT* - Totally forgot to mention this earlier. Just a word of warning to you all, dying in the new mineral rush game erases your save data and makes you start over from scratch..

2/16/14 - Fuck crossword ninja cat so much. Get 110 words in on endless mode "sorry you're  not moving at the pace of a snail, you must be cheating. Here's an ad, also your total words sliced is back down to zero!"

             *EDIT* - Looks like I won't ever be getting the "Worm Food" medal in Daeblo Episode 1. 90% of the movement clicks don't register, so I have to hope that it randomly goes in on the first one and that I position the zombie exactly correctly. And if the worm just randomly chooses not to show up I can get both those right and still not get it. Oh and when I fail three times I have to go through another 3 minute set-up. Ugh.

2/17/14 - Died against Paulous in mineral rush. 5+ hours of grinding down the drain. Best part is there is literally zero warning that dying in mineral rush (the first one) causes you to lose all of your progress. I took a chance as I would either have killed Paulous on that hit if I did enough damage (I didn't) or I would die. I was thinking about backing up my save file earlier but I thought that dying didn't have a severe consequence. Excellent design decision - punish your most dedicated players without any warning.

             *EDIT* - No longer streaming.

2/18/14 - *EDIT* - No longer streaming.

              *EDIT2* - Just finished Firefight, I don't know why so few people have gotten the "This is OP" medal. Anyway, just open up the console and copy-paste this into it:

2/19/14 - *EDIT* - No longer streaming.

              *EDIT2* - Starting Pork Must Arrive - I'm curious as to how long this will take. (1:35 PM)

              *EDIT3* - Fuck you frog, have to restart. (1:51 PM)

              *EDIT4* - And again (2:04 PM)

              *EDIT5* - Failed on wave 10 due to the frog again, also the golem wouldn't spawn even though I was spamming 'F' for dear life. (2:34 PM)

              *EDIT6* - Died :( (2:53 PM)

              *EDIT7* - Fucking frogs, have to restart once more. Also the golem still hates me and doesn't want to spawn. (3:09 PM)

              *EDIT8* - Died again, uggggbhghdjhgk (3:24 PM)

              *EDIT9* - Finally beat wave 10, I also figured out that the golem won't spawn if you're moving while you press f. Also 30 minutes per 10 waves and I assume there's 50 waves - that's 2.5 hours in a row if you don't have any fails, wow. (3:54 PM)

              *EDIT10* - Break time, hopefully my internet doesn't go out.. (4:00 PM)

              *EDIT11* - Back from break, hope I don't screw it up (4:11 PM)

              *EDIT12* - I died, I fucking quit for now. (4:15 PM)

              *EDIT13* - After wave 30 Atlantis 2 becomes so fucking hectic, what the hell :/

2/20/14 - *EDIT* - No longer streaming.

2/21/14 - *EDIT* - No longer streaming.

              *EDIT2* - "Chat servers are undergoing maintenance. We are doing this one at a time to reduce impact. Thanks for your patience!" - Twitch. I really hope that this fixes the issues :/

             *EDIT3* - Grinding out 10k mood points in I like to Relax... yeah, no thanks. No clue how 17 people had the patience for that :/

2/22/14 - To those of you who have finished King Dugan's Dungeon ep. 2 - am I missing something or is the Orb Avoider medal/achievemetn bugged?

             *EDIT* - Got it, thanks Syrreal.

2/23/14 - Vector Swtich Prototype medal get - only took around an hour :D

2/25/14 - Gonna grind idle pro gamer and that coin game for the rest of the night, hopefully I can make some good progress.

              *EDIT* - 4 hours later and going to sleep. 961k XP in Idle Pro Gamer. 6041 lifetime coins and 59860 lifetime score in Coin Apocalypse. This should be fun.

              *EDIT2* - Apparently an update for Coin Apocalypse released while I was playing that made the grinding far faster. Glad I spent so much time :/ Oh well, at least it won't take nearly as long now.

3/15/14 - Whenever I finish calming down I will start streaming some Spelunky here I found the plasma cannon, which allows for easy destruction of blocks, on 1-1 which is incredibly, incredibly rare. Going for a highscore PB/potential WR. (Spoiler: it won't be for another 2 or so hours at least because that's when I'll be able to stream) *EDIT* - Starting, time to throw :X *EDIT2* - I threw.

3/23/14 - I like to keep my posts mostly about medals and I know my last update was also about Spelunky, but this is just too huge to ignore. I got the third highest score ever, and (imagine that) I was the third person to ever score above 3 million gold. For those of you who play/watch Spelunky - I did all of this with only 1 altar that I accidentally destroyed with the idol trap in the mines before getting any items from it. I also only accidentally grabbed 3-4 gems before ghosting, so it was a pretty optimal run.

4/15/14 - Medal stream Thursday and/or Friday.

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